All photographs are pro-lab hand-printed on high quality professional paper for the brightest colours and spot-on exposures. Prints are handled on a per-order basis which may increase handling times but, on the flip-side, ensures you get what you want the first time out. Sizes I offer are all based on a 1:1.5 aspect ratio, meaning that the image you see in a gallery is what you can expect to get on paper. In other words, the image generally won't be cropped during printing, which would otherwise result in missing background areas or having parts of the cars cut out near the borders (so, no surprises).

Regarding the digitized archive, all film has been scanned at high resolution (up to 7200dpi in either b/w or colour) to capture the most detail possible. While most images are cropped to a 1:1.5 aspect ratio, some are not. Therefore, the final print may contain slight differences, when compared to the web samples, with regards to content cut-off around the edges. Further, you'll notice that most images in the archive will still exhibit many imperfections (black borders, dust, scratches…) as they would have undergone only minimal editing at time of scanning. Rest assured, however, that the final results will be cropped, colour-corrected and cleaned of dust specks and other blemishes on the actual film, to the best reasonable extent. Naturally, given the age and/or condition of some of the film originals, it must be understood that degrees of aging may nonetheless remain in the final result. Along with the beauty and character of grain, it's all part of the romanticism of film photography.

Once you know what you want, what's the next step? Every gallery image has an accompanying code (eg., cdngp_19-0000 or lauda_83-18_USA-DT). That code indicates the event, series, year and/or driver and the particular image number. At time of order, you need to supply that complete code so that I can locate that image in my database. Naturally, the sizes and quantity of prints are also needed to calculate a shipping charge and final total.


Event image packages can be ordered one of two ways - either by having me supply images from a current or upcoming race event or by requesting images already in my database. In the case of the latter, you would need to provide the date and venue of the race/event along with the number, name and class/series of the competitor involved. From there, I can run a check of my database to determine the quantity of images I'd have to offer. For obvious reasons, this number will vary from one competitor, event, series or season to another (inclement weather, retirements…). All images are provided as full-resolution .jpeg files on CD/DVD or sent via email or online file transfer services.


All prices indicated on the PRICING page are in Canadian dollars. Orders will not be processed prior to receiving full payment. Where shipping is not included, it will be calculated based on your location and added to the item price. Orders will ship via standard airmail unless specified otherwise and larger orders will be shipped insured, possibly incurring extra costs depending on shipping method and order value. Delivery times will vary but you should allow 3-5 weeks for print orders and 1-3 weeks for CDs/DVDs. File transfers are uploaded upon receiving full payment. Lastly, please ensure that you provide your full name, mobile number and complete mailing address when ordering - I will not be responsible for lost/misdirected mail.

Payment methods accepted are as follows:
CDN orders: money order, Interac e-Transfer or Paypal
USA | INTERNATIONAL orders: Paypal

All galleries consist of a random, limited selection of images to give a general idea of each individual race weekend/event. Therefore, I encourage you to
CONTACT me with any image requests for particular drivers, teams, cars, etc. Just because it isn't on display on my site doesn't necessarily mean that I don't have it. Furthermore, I began using digital equipment in 2004 and, as such, all events listed from 2004 and on feature links to galleries. Conversely, events listed from 2003 and earlier are included for informational purposes and currently don't lead to galleries as that would require scanning thousands of negatives or slides. This content may/can be added as time and demand permit.

Purchase or right-of-use of any contemporary or archival images (electronic, printed or otherwise) DOES NOT grant any ownership rights to those images to the buyer. All copyright remains with the original photographer(s) and/or myself, Paolo Pedicelli. Images sold are for personal, private use or display only, and cannot, under any circumstances, be reproduced by any means, resold or used commercially without any prior written consent or agreement. Please inquire regarding commercial use (promotion/advertising) or any special needs/requests.
Legal recourse will be sought if anyone is found to be in breach of said copyright.

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